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Scale yourself: deliver better, more and faster without involving managers 24/7 with E-Trade!

"People in markets find a way of getting down to the essentials of I have, you want; you have, I want"

Audre Lorde


High sales numbers and growing and selling a lot and consistently is the main goal of trading and manufacturing companies.

The more a business grows, the more the human factor affect it. That’s why automation and optimization of processes are essential. To address this issue, we at Trident created E-Trade.


E-Trade is a meeting place for you and your B2B clients that provides convenient interaction between all parties.

Here you can sell to real customers 24/7 without customer service agents.

E-trade provides complete automation of sales, both from warehouses and for custom order.

Where all processes are transparent for you and your clients.


Types of integrations available


Buyers can be served


Goods in the system


Filters and user settings


Profit optimization

E-Trade is a platform where the client comes and stays for a long time. You increase your average revenue per customer (ARC) through personalized price quotes and effective customer retention.

Convenient for business

E-Trade is not a typical box solution but a fully customizable platform. You digitize the entire transaction chain of your company using both standard settings and additional features.

Minimizing Risks

E-Trade is an automated solution that helps to guide a client through all stages of sales. You eliminate the threat of mistakes from a manager, operator, warehouseman, or logistician, thereby minimizing business losses.

Easy operation

E-Trade is a platform that does not work autonomously but integrates with any tools implemented in the company. You get not one tool but the synergy of all systems that sell necessary goods 24/7.

Who will appreciate all the platform’s advantages?


With our platform, you will greatly simplify the interaction in the dealer network


With our platform, you will greatly simplify the interaction in the dealer network


The solution helps you optimize the distribution of exclusive goods in the importing country.

“The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade”

Benjamin Franklin

With E-Trade, you will appreciate the work efficiency! Experience maximum comfort and convenience when cooperating with wholesale buyers. We have collected the most valuable experience of hundreds of clients in online B2B sales and implemented it in a single solution for a large-scale business!


See what you get in a single, unique, and custom-designed platform!

Flexible communication for your b2b customers

Client’s Account

A personalized distributor or client account allows your partners to perform all activities in one place: from viewing the catalog and pricing to ordering and tracking delivery status.!!!


It's really easy: to use convenient filters to find the products you need, choose only from the current warehouse stock or make pre-orders, quickly receive invoices and statements, control order shipment or even returns.


Say no to tiresome communications with customer service agent, and yes to the freedom to place orders anywhere via any device!

24/7 sales without managers and operators

Integration and product information management

Forget about typical mistakes of managers or operators! Receive information in real-time and immediately broadcast it to your customers. Integration of E-Trade with your CRM, WMS, ERP, and systems of your suppliers allows you to get up-to-date information about product offerings.


Get rid of the tedious and routine product data management. Present the catalogs to the clients in a convenient format: from a multilingual table to a colorful catalog with a 3D review or video.


Bulk data processing tools allow you to edit product descriptions of thousands of product items in minutes, freeing up to 70% of your team's time.


Finally, you can easily expand your distribution channels by integrating with online stores or dealers' and contractors' systems.

Comprehensive automation of the entire transaction cycle

Order processing from A to Z

Leave the routine behind! With E-Trade, you and your departments will receive notifications about each new order without misinformation like incorrect prices or terms of cooperation.


Control every cent with a handy system for recording accounts receivable for each client or contact and automated invoicing. 


Optimize cash-flow with auto-reminders for customers about payments, which can consider the current rates and order age.


Track logistics progress and costs through integration with shipping operators.

System Marketing to Personalize Offers

Promotions, Pricing, and Engagement Tools

Get the most out of your sales with:

  • individual cooperation terms for each client;
  • customizable discounts depending on the number of goods, the volume of the order, or the terms of payment;
  • bonus or package offers;
  • exclusive collections.


Achieve higher performance through cross-selling and upselling. Give choices: use the mechanism of analogs to traditional catalogs.


You can also:

  • create different price categories in catalogs,
  • set algorithms for partnership conditions,
  • automate multichannel customer notifications,
  • accept pre-orders,
  • automate orders from your suppliers.


And all this is in E-Trade!

Why E-trade from Trident?

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great"

John D. Rockefeller

We do not just introduce good or useful tools, we create the best scalable environment with the features you and your customers need. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities of the solution that we will develop for you!


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